Between picking currants and eating veggies, I have been busy arranging a trip to the Venice of the North.

I'm packing for Stockholm, leaving the kitty at home with grandma.
Minnie spends her days basking in the sunshine oblivious of the lonely days ahead. I know she will be very upset and will be sulking for a fortnight.

She always punishes me after I return from a trip by giving me the evil eye, running away from me, hiding under the bed and so on. It only lasts for a day or two though :)

With the hotel and restaurants booked well in advance, the biggest question for me has been - what lenses to take?! Other than that I'm all prepared and ready to go.

I'm hoping to take tons of photos, eat my way through Sthlm (well, one can dream, my appetite is that of a mouse), wander through all the quirky streets and hunt down all the best chocolate shops and fika places.
I'll be taking a ship to and from Sthlm.

Lycka till!
Hej då!

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