A couple Stockholm photos. The ones that didn't make it into the original post, mostly because they just didn't fit into the story, but they are good in their own right.

Longans and Yakult, from the Thai shop.

Two other completely new flavours I sampled on my trip were fresh longans, the hairless relatives of the litchis and rambutans, and Yakult, the Asian version of Actimel. I'd seen the Yakult commercials on German sky channels before so I knew right away what it was. It's taste resembles a soda-pop, kind of like a mixture of lime lemonade and yogurt, very tasty. I went back a few days later and bought a whole load to take back home.

Breakfast snaps. With plenty of löjrom, vendace roe, and artisan yogurt. Somehow, foods seem to become tastier when packed into cute little jars. Right?


  1. hello there :)

    i just found your really lovely blog and i'm soooo thrilled about all your gorgeous pictures! :)

    i absolutely love them!

    have a wonderful evening!

  2. That is good to hear! :)

  3. The one with the cruise boats and buildings has an almost tilt-shift feeling to it, can't tell why...