About two weeks ago, the big chill rolled in and unfolded its fluffy white blanket.
The temperature dropped from a rather tame -8°C to a toe-curling -25°C (even colder on the mainland), and on clear days the air was literally sparkling, as if filled with diamonds! Right now it's snowing, again.

If this continues as it has done thus far, we should be able to visit our neighbouring island by driving across the frozen sea. In a couple of weeks, perhaps. It is always great fun! Especially when the ice moves due to the wind and therefore develops some bumps, cracks and splits along the way. People will then place wooden boards over the largest splits to avoid losing their cars to the bottom of the sea. As sometimes does happen.

I find ice ferns on the windows mesmerising. Found these gorgeous creations on the eastern window in the sitting room. Keep gazing at them every day. Checking the progress. Sadly, ice flowers are becoming quite rare in this day and age since more and more people opt for hermetic plastic windows.

Art director at work. Showing me the ropes.

Tehumardi apple juice from Saaremaa.

Probably my favourite juice. Apple juice, produced right here on the island, from specially selected apple varieties.
I could ramble on and on about its superior taste with hints of meadows and peaches. And it looks fab as well!

I had a bit of marzipan left over from December (really!) and with the help of some glamorous rhubarb, turned it into muffins.

Rhubarb marzipan muffins

120g flour
1 tsp baking powder
60g sugar, plus extra
60g butter, melted
120ml buttermilk
1 egg
120g rhubarb, chopped
80g good quality marzipan, not the overly sweet stuff

In a bowl toss together flour, baking powder and sugar.
In a jug mix together melted butter, buttermilk and the egg.
Line a 6-hole muffin tin with paper cases.

Cut 50g of the marzipan into small dice, toss it in a spoonful of caster sugar, just enough to cover the bits with some glittery sugar granules. Measure the rest of the marzipan (30g) into 5g pieces and roll these into six perfectly round balls.
Sprinkle rhubarb with about two teaspoons of sugar and toss to cover evenly.
Preheat the oven to 190°C.

Pour wet ingredients from the jug into the dry ingredients in the bowl. Mix a little. Add rhubarb and mix through. Don't fret if it looks a bit lumpy, it's fine, you don't want to overwork it. Drop two fat spoonfuls of dough into each of the six cases, then sneak in a ball of marzipan and cover with the rest of the dough. Sprinkle the sugared marzipan bits on top and bake for 25 minutes, lowering the temperature by 15 degrees after the first five minutes.


  1. Mina tahan ka neid teha :)
    Kuna rabarberit ei ole, proovin vaarikatega.

  2. zauberhaft! rhabarber bringt eine lebendige frische in alles gebackenes!
    sag mal, wo wohnst du denn? es sieht wunderschön aus!

  3. Auf einer Insel in der Ostsee :)

  4. your pictures are amazing! Beautiful blog!