Images of some of the things that grew in our garden this season.

The weather has been rainy and cloudy all through summer and autumn. Tomatoes sure took their time turning colour. Pumpkins never really got round to it, went all mushy and inedible. Carrots and cucumbers didn't seem to mind though. Salads were thriving as well.
If last year, I was able to pick ripe red strawberries from the garden in November, then this year I ate the last red strawberry back in August. The change in temperatures has not been that great, about 3 to 5 degrees, but the lack of sunshine makes the difference.

We had this huge physalis (cape gooseberry) bush in the greenhouse. (I grew it from seed early on in the spring). It was literally taking over the place. The berries were smaller than what you'd get in the supermarket but still tasted nice. The bush itself was so invasive and demanding that we decided to get rid of it. Not to mention the fact that physalis seems to be the favourite of aphids.

Plenty of herbs for drying and freezing. Two little watermelons.
We took down a couple old plum trees that were not producing. Now there is much more light by the berry bushes.


  1. oh these look awesome... even though the weather wasn't that good, you really had a nice harvest :)

    i love the berries and potatoes, and the water melon looks so juicy :)

    i also have three plum trees that don't grow that many fruit - but i couldn't decide whether to cut them or leave them... :/ we'll se...

    have a nice day!

    1. Was an easy choice for us since we had five plum trees, other three bear much more fruit. One green, one red and one purple.