It seems I've been in hibernation for the past month or so.
Well, not exactly. I started a watercolour project (I used to hate watercolours because all instructors I've ever had taught only one kind of watercolour technique - wet on wet. This is the kind of technique where everything runs amok and you have very little control over what's going on. It used to frustrate me to no end.) and did a small shoot for a magazine.
Other than that, yep, I'm pretty much counting days till the sun comes out again.

New year came with rain and all the fluffy gorgeous snow just melted away. There is green green grass outside! So strange.

I did bake two stollens for Christmas and a big fat saffron cardamom kringel for the new year's party.

 Marzipan stollen with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries.

Yesterday I baked muffins, flatbreads and grissini.
A warm oven is sort of comforting in these chilly and dark days.

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  1. The stollen is something fantastic! Happy New Year!