This is not the sort of yogurt that you'd eat your morning müsli with, well, normally anyway. It's a sort of a decadent indulgence, a small treat after supper or such. It is best paired with fresh berries or fruit such as kiwis, cherries, ones that have a slight tang to it.

Poppy seed and marzipan yogurt

200g thick Greek yogurt
25g poppy seeds
80g marzipan
4 tbsp double cream
couple drops of almond extract
25g white chocolate, optional

Blanch poppy seeds in boiling water for a couple minutes. Drain well.
Mix double cream into the yogurt, fluffing it up a bit. Add poppy seeds, finely grated marzipan and almond extract.
If you have a seriously sweet tooth, add some grated white chocolate.

Makes enough for 4 little yogurt jars.

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  1. omg!!! i had this every day when i was in berlin last summer!!! it is SOOOO GOOD. i gasped when i saw this on tastespotting. you are awesome. i cannot wait to make this.