I can't go past a bunch of quinces without buying some. Not sure what spell they've got me under.
Saw some in the shop about a month ago, all dirty and muddy and stuff. But I just had to get some all the same!

So I just peeled and cored them, halved some of them and cut the other ones into rings. Then roasted in the oven for about an hour with vanilla, sugar and cardamom. See the recipe for aromatic roasted quinces here.
Then later I made a jar of strawberry & quince confiture, four quince croissants and four quince tartlets.
I still have some of the syrupy roasting juices left over in the fridge, mmmh.

For the strawberry & quince confiture I used a box of strawberry purée from the freezer. Just let it thaw and then puréed it with roasted quince. Filled the jar and then pasteurised it.

For the croissants I used shop-bought all-butter croissant pastry and 10cm batons of roasted quince which I rolled inside the croissants.

For the tartlets I made some pastry cream using a recipe from my trustworthy Michel Roux cookbook. Cut puff pastry into rings and squares, scored the edges, piped a layer of pastry cream in the middle and placed roasted quince halves on top. Quince were halved horizontally for a more compact look.
Since the quince halves were cored they had this little hole on top so I covered that up using scraps of pastry.

I'll be making these again.

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