Shrove Tuesday is one of the tastiest holidays, only second to Christmas.
Fluffy and gorgeous lenten buns, bilberry kissel, pigs' trotters, split pea soup, pancakes, fritters...

Here, it is also known as sledging day. Everyone, old and young, will make at least one run down the hill, using whatever they have at hand - a sledge, a briefcase, a plastic bag, a tube, a bum sledge ( we used these a lot as kids but we always called them bum-pans).

Actually, anything goes, my granny told me yesterday that when she was younger, she used to go sledging with all her colleagues using just large enamelled bowls!

This year there is no snow though, it has all melted away. Yes, all gone! It is bizarre. Snowdrops started blooming in February.

Still, I won't let that little fact bother me.

I used the same recipe as before.
Only difference is that I used my iSi cream whipper to add the whipped cream.

I myself haven't eaten any buns yet, but hope to soon.. if there's any left. The kissel with whipped cream is delicious, I had two servings of that.

Lenten bun recipe and photos from the year before.

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