Roasted rhubarb that I previously blogged about is great for all sorts of uses, like why not wrap it in a buttery flaky blanket?

A rich flaky croissant with a tart soft centre. Of course it would be even better using home-made dough if one has the time. Indeed.

I suppose you could attempt this with raw rhubarb as well but it will not be as enjoyable. Somehow you'd have to sweeten that rhubarb without causing the juices to run all over the place making everything soggy. The rhubarb might even be a bit stringy if it's not the youngest of stalks.

Rhubarb croissants

400g ready-rolled croissant dough
8 pieces of roasted rhubarb (9cm in length)
4 squares of white chocolate
egg wash for brushing

Ideally you should be able to cut the dough into eight identical triangles, about 18cm tall and with a base of about 9cm to 10cm. The dough should not be rolled any thinner than 4mm.
Place the triangles on the table with the bases towards you. Cut a 1cm slit in the middle of the base of each of the triangles. Place a piece of rhubarb just above the slit, sprinkle with some chopped white chocolate (about half a square's worth) and roll it up tightly.

Brush gently with egg wash, don't let it drip much, cover and let rise in a warm place for about a hundred minutes or slightly more. Just look at them and when they seem all puffed up and chubby then very gently brush with egg wash once more and bake in a 190C oven for about 15-20 minutes.

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