List of Recipes

Rhubarb gelée
Strawberry granola
Smoked garfish paté
Rhubarb and custard
Crumpets with strawberry butter
Elderflower cordial
Peach and mozzarella salad
Eton mess (with curd cheese)
Baked flat peaches (various fillings)
Elderflower and gooseberry tartlets
Blackcurrant and chocolate swiss roll
Roast quail with rosemary, thyme and garlic
Potato crisps
Saffron pears
Quince tatin and quince bruschette
Apple bombes
Apple, rhubarb and raspberry pot-pies
Mandarins in brandy syrup
Caramelised white chocolate and almond spread
Coconut mousse with passion fruit jelly and kiwi
Rhubarb marzipan muffins
Lenten buns (semlor)
Crab burgers
Devilled eggs
Caramelised peach ice cream
Blender Hollandaise
Strawberry and pistachio loaf
Poppy seed and custard buns
Strawberry eggy bread
Bilberry tartlet with custard and marzipan
Strawberry and curd cheese slice
Canning smoked fish
Fluffy coconut pancakes
Luxury bread and butter pudding with marzipan and custard
Poppy seed and marzipan yogurt
Simple jammy muffins
Crumbed scallops, blue crisps and blue mash
Blueberry muffins (adapted from Bouchon Bakery)
Nathan Outlaw's asparagus cheese
Oven roasted rhubarb and coconut tapioca pudding
Rhubarb croissants
Strawberry and feta bruschette
Smörgåstårta with ham
Rhubarb and custard hand pies
Asparagus and triple cheese tarts
Frozen strawberry torte 
Curd cheese fritters 
Pumpkin cardamom muffins
Roast pork, pulled pork, a la confit
Vintage lenten buns (historic recipe)
Smoked chicken and rocket smörgåstårta
Strawberry custard popsicles
Sweet and salty crunchy coated nuts
Caramelised apple cupcakes
Roast pork smörgåstårta
Gooseberry puddings


  1. your photography is amazing!!!!!
    beautiful blog

  2. Hi, there!
    I was just wondering if you would be willing to share your recipe for the pistachio truffles you photographed?

    1. Hi, Sandy, thanks for asking! I looked it up for you. I haven't been able to source such beautiful green pistachios in the recent years myself but the recipe is fairly simple.

      180g best quality white chocolate (with good amount of cocoa butter in it)
      80ml double cream
      1 tsp vanilla paste or seeds from one vanilla pod
      100g pistachios, finely ground or even ground to a paste
      75g extra green pistachios, finely chopped, for the outer layer
      20 to 25 large whole pistachios, for the centre

      Heat the cream and gently melt white chocolate in it, don't be tempted to stir too much. Add vanilla and the 100g finely ground pistachios. Mix and let chill in the fridge.
      When the mixture has cooled and hardened enough to handle, take two teaspoons of truffle mixture, place a whole pistachio between the halves and roll together into a ball. Next, roll it in the pistachio crumbs to cover evenly and place on a papertowel-lined tray. Continue until you run out of truffle mixture. Place truffles in the fridge to chill for a while, covered.

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