Kuressaare Street Festival
The morning started off with a few drops of rain but by noon it had all cleared up. Perfect timing since most events were scheduled for midday.
We set out early on to get there before the crowds. I was able to photograph the food trucks before the masses hit the streets.

The vegan food truck was the prettiest but they seemed to have the least customers. On their menu they had - Mother trucker burger, Not dog and a Mexican-French wrap.

The fish and chip truck had many interesting items on the menu but they did not seem to be getting any food out. The line kept on growing but for the time we waited it did not move an inch, nor did I see anyone being served. Such a shame.

Udu ice cream was made on the spot using liquid nitrogen. I chose the creamy strawberry. Delicious.

Slow cooked pork ribs with a bit of smoky flavour from the Green Egg grill. Served with salad, pickled mustard seeds, green sauce and fried chips. The ribs were awesome, easily the best food of the day, but the chips were a bit burnt.

My niece with a big Derek's burger.

Piparm√ľnt food truck had the longest line. On their menu - a pastrami and hummus burger, fried smelts in wild garlic marinade, mussels in creamy leek sauce, grilled lamb's liver with crispy potato threads, raspberry mojito, watermelon mojito and ice cold beetroot soup. The pastrami burger and liver sold out within hours, good thing I was there early on to get a portion of the grilled liver. Raspberry mojito was splendid as well.

Grilled lamb's liver with salad and potato threads, sweet potato fries on the right.

The festival included many events for big, small and the four-legged.
Izak was doing some amazing wall art.
My focus was aimed at the food court.
Again next year, hopefully.

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