Although it doesn't look like much, since the strawberry loses its bright red colour during baking, it does taste excellent. I opted for dried strawberries because fresh strawberries will collapse when baked this long and the whole thing might get very soggy. Adding a few slices might be considerable though.
I used freeze dried strawberry slices, but any version should do. Could even dry your own!
Halve the sugar content if using sweetened or sugar-coated strawberry pieces.

Strawberry and pistachio loaf

2 eggs
100g butter
100g sugar
100g flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
100g dried strawberry pieces (no added sugar)
50g pistachios

Cream butter and sugar. Add eggs, one by one. Combine flour with baking powder and sift into the batter. Finally add the strawberry bits and pistachios. Make sure everything is evenly mixed through. Scoop into a small loaf tin (about 15cm x 9cm) and bake in a 180C degree oven for 20 minutes, then turn the heat down to 160C and bake for another 15-20 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the middle comes out clean.


  1. Beautiful! I love your photos - unglaublich inspirierend!!

  2. Anonymous6:23 pm

    What a great loaf idea. So summery. My pistachio obsessed mother is going to love this!

  3. your blog is simply beautiful. your photography is incredible! thanks for sharing such a lovely recipe!

  4. So inspiring photos! I was wondering what camera you were using, and which lens, especially for close-ups?

  5. Thank you very much!
    Currently I use Canon 60D. I have a bunch of lenses but most often I use the 50 1.4, but for extreme close-ups I use 60 2.8 macro lens.