Smörgåstårta for Easter.
Sandwich cake and devilled eggs are a part of spring.
This time I made a round one. It's easier to make a square-shaped sandwich cake since toast slices are rectangular. But I like the look of a round cake better. Otherwise it tastes the same as last year.

Smörgåstårta with ham

24 slices of toast
250g ham
150g spreadable cheese
50g mayonnaise
200g cream cheese
a bunch of herbs (parsley, chives, basil)
150g gherkins
80g butter

1 cucumber
about 150g cream cheese or a mixture of creamed butter and mayonnaise
5 ham rolls
5 cheese rolls
quail eggs

This is a typical sandwich cake. Made with two fillings and whole-grain toast.

To make the ham filling, process the ham to a homogeneous paste, then mix with spreadable cheese and mayonnaise. These cheeses are generally very different, some are very soft while others are quite tough. The fillings should have a soft consistency like a good yoghurt but should not be runny. So adjust the amount of mayonnaise accordingly.

To make the herb and gherkin filling, cream the butter and mix with cream cheese. Either finely chop or purée the gherkins and herbs. Mix into the cream cheese. Taste and add salt accordingly. If using flavoured cream cheese, then no additional salt is needed.

Divide the toast into six piles, all consisting of four slices. You can either use them as are (for a square shaped cake) or cut them into triangles to arrange the triangles as a pinwheel, trimming the outer tips, to make a circle.

Place four slices or eight triangles on the platter, spread with a good amount of herb-gherkin filling and top with another set of toast. Now spread these with the ham filling. The filling should be thicker than what you'd normally put on your sandwich.
Continue to stack and spread until you run out.

Now it's time to cover the sides and add garnishes. I like to use a mixture of butter because it doesn't dry out like just cheese would, but you can even use the same type of mixture that you used in the filling.
I cut the cucumber into strips and cubes. I placed the strips all around the smörgåstårta, to create a grass-like effect, the cubes I piled on top. Then I very casually added ham and cheese rolls and a halved quail egg.

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