Christmas has come and gone, together with the snow.
I baked so many biscuits and pepparkakor. For a whole month I did nothing but bake and decorate. Boy, did it take time to neatly squeeze those lines. By the end my fingers were so cramped in the "squish" position that I had to use my other hand to prize my fingers off the little squeezy bottle. But it was all joy. Unlike last year when mum dropped a baking sheet with nearly all the pepparkakor stacked on there, all decorated and cute, on the floor, shattering them to a million pieces. Only few survived. I was a bit crushed because of all the hours that I had invested. Now, when I mentioned said incident before the holidays, she claimed to have no recollection of the matter.

The anno 2016 lot of Christmas biscuits was shipped out to the world to my dearest friends well before Christmas Eve and probably has been consumed by now.

Except for this small bunch of pepperkakor that still hangs by my window. It still smells like the holidays. I will probably keep it 'til it is all dusty, it looks too sweet, I don't want to break it. I'd rather just keep it until it becomes icky and then just throw it in the bin.

Orange and cardamom kringel, so so good! I think I ate half of it just by myself!

Besides all the gingerbreads and butter biscuits I also made florentines, just as on previous occasions, using my own recipe which can be found here.

About two dozens of extra fat and large ones. I love them.


  1. We couldn't get ourselves to eat the ones that made it through unbroken either! Saving them for next year's tree ... Hope they don't get "icky". Thanks for the thought and trouble and oh boy you made so many!!

  2. It will be fine as long as you keep them in a box, away from humidity and high temperatures and dust. Placing bits of bakingg paper between the biscuits will keep them from sticking together over time.
    Mum once kept some behind the stove, the glaze obviously melted!